Thursday, February 5, 2009

To Urgent Care - Or Not

It has been a busy week - and we are looking forward to a day off to play tomorrow! Unfortunately, Zach began complaining early this evening that his eye was hurting. It has been off and on for the last few hours and his complaints have become increasingly more dramatic. I think he might have scratched it while playing outside this afternoon. (62 degrees in February!)

After listening to him cry/scream for about 30 minutes straight, I ended up calling the pediatrician's office around 7:00pm. I was surprised when one of the nurses actually answered. She was so nice and suggested treating him with saline drops, ibuprofen and patching his eye. She also said if he kept complaining, or it got worse, take him to the urgent care walk-in clinic tonight. So, after we dropped Emma at her tumbling class, we headed to the pharmacy to pick up some supplies. We are making a go at it - but his complaints don't seem to be easing much. Wish me luck overnight - it could be a long one! I'm really wishing Rog was home about now!

Will keep you posted tomorrow!


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