Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm Back!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing holiday weekend! We are getting excited for the promise of a New Year here at our house!

So - after a long absence from this here little blog - I have decided to commit more of my time and energy to sharing our home remodeling projects, my organizing journey, craft projects and all kinds of fun and fabulousness!

First up - it's time again for the "Word of the Year".

I've chosen CREATE as my inspiration word for 2012. I would like to "create" a more organized and beautiful home this year, "create" new products for my Etsy shop (with lots of ideas spinning around in my head), "create" a new me (if I reach my weight loss and exercise goals) . . . you get the picture.

It's not too late to chose your word for 2012:)

Second up - I wanted to share our latest home improvement project with you.

Last spring, our 17-year old dryer finally quit on us. We decided to purchase a new front-loading washer/dryer set. First time in my entire adult life that I have had a matching set! Not to mention the fact that I can do laundry in a fraction of the time I could before! A--ma--zing!

A new washer/dryer set seemed like a really good time to make some much needed changes to our laundry room. Here are some before pics so you can get a good idea of where we are starting:

We originally thought we would take out the cabinets, stack the units and create a work station/storage unit on one side. But, we weren't sure that would be best for resale later. And, it seemed like more project than we wanted to take on! (No, we aren't planning any big move, but you never know:)

Instead, we decided to leave the units as they are and install a counter/worktop over the units. We plan to paint the cabinets white to match the kitchen. Along with that, comes a complete overhaul of the storage/organization in the cabinets. Time to rethink what needs to be stored in here! I feel a little "chaos control" coming on!

Oh - and this little area across from the dryer needs a complete overhaul as well!

We made a trip to Home Depot today and purchased the wood, trim and stain we will need to start the project. I'm excited to keep you posted on how all of this turns out!

The J9