Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Chaos, Chaos Everywhere!

I realize I have once again not been very punctual with my blogging - and I intend to fix that. In a perfect world I would blog every day - but this is definitely not a perfect world and you all would get tired of hearing that much about all of us Billings here in Kansas. So, I'm shooting for once a week. Let's see if I can reach my goal this month!

We are well into school now, and things have been going really well. I think better than we expected, especially for Zach. He was very nervous about starting, since his two "best friends in the whole wide world" got a different teacher. But, he has risen to the occasion and is shining in his new classroom. We are lucky to have scored two of the best teachers at Walnut Grove this year! Of course, Emma always shines. She just finished her "bug project" and has to turn it in on Thursday. I will share pics later in the week. It turned out really cute - and I promise that she did most of the work herself - even though it doesn't look like she did!

We had an awesome Labor Day holiday. We traveled to Beaver Lake with our friends, the Rogers and the Crofts, and had tons of fun boating, swimming, eating, drinking and playing games. The Rogers and Crofts introduced us to a new game called "Center, Left, Right" that was a blast. Roger and Joni were the big winners. Next time you are at our house we will teach the ins and outs of the game! Thanks once again Joni, Tim, Sammy and Maisy for a great weekend!!!!!

This past weekend we were able to hook up with Roger's friend from Graceland, Todd, who was in town with his Florida Atlantic women's volleyball team. We haven't seen Todd in about 6 years - so it was great to catch up! We picked up Richard (another of Roger's friends from Graceland who we also haven't seen in a while) and headed down to UMKC to watch some volleyball and hook up with Todd. We all decided that Todd hadn't changed much at all - except for maybe a few new gray hairs that weren't there before!

Saturday night we headed out to our friends Tammy, Austin and Savannah's house for a party. Friday night was Treads and Threads - a benefit for the KU Med Cancer Center. The friends and family of Cary Martin have raised over $30,000 to support this great cause - and so Tammy had a tent at the event and was able to invite 42 guests to enjoy an evening of music, food, and drink in honor of Cary. Unfortunately, Rog was out of town until late Friday night, so we were unable to join in the festivities - but we got to hang with everyone at the Martin's on Saturday night and laugh at all of the fun stories from Friday night. There were lots of friends and family in from out of town. It is so cool to see all of the people that Cary brought together in his life. His smile and laughter are so deeply missed.

We are gearing up for a rainy weekend - hoping softball practice, soccer games and softball games are cancelled and we can hibernate for a few days! I am really just kidding - we love to watch our kids at whatever they are doing!


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