Monday, August 11, 2008

Chaos Control

Wow, I feel like someone put a little zippy drug in my morning coffee! I am having a very productive day! Laundry is almost done, kitchen is cleaned up, cleaning is done . . . I think this back to school thing has triggered my nesting instinct! (Plus, I was down with a cold over the weekend and I am feeling much better now!)

Zach and Emma are having a blast today with their good friends Sammy and Maisy. I guess the next few days will be "one last hurrah" before school starts on Thursday. We did secretly find out which teachers our kids have, and we are worried that Zach will be really disappointed that his two best friends are in another classroom together without him. We can't decide if we should tell him before "Sneak-a-peak" on Wednesday night. Wish us luck with that one. Emma seems to have scored a really good teacher this year - and we know for sure that her good friend Carter will be in class with her. She is excited!

I forgot to put in my last post that Roger and I have been playing kick ball! The team we play on is made up of other parents/friends from our school. We are having a blast! And, the kids are having fun hanging out with their friends and cheering us on. It is too cute to hear your six year old yelling "You can do this mom!" from the sidelines! So far, our team has won one game and lost two. We pretty much got our booties handed to us by a bunch of 20-30 year olds these past two weeks - but, hey, at least we are out there making the effort! We still have a few more games left - so I will keep you posted. I will try to get Rog to take some pics so you can see us at our finest!

We spent the remainder of our weekend watching the Olympics from Beijing. Wow! I have been so impressed and mesmerized by how beautiful everything looks! Beijing has really outdone themselves! We cheered for Phelps and the other relay swimmers last night as they took gold! We watched the women's gymnastics team and bit our finger nails! We also watched the men's basketball team beat China! I was amazed to learn that badminton is still a recognized sport in the Olympics - and man those guys are good! I really want to catch the synchronized diving - that boggles my mind as well!

Have a great Monday!


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"I really want to catch the synchronized diving - that boggles my mind as well!"