Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hour of Power - Update

Wow! That hour went awfully fast!

Here's what I got done:

1. Cleaned up the kitchen.
2. Went through the mail.
3. Put away the Fall/Halloween bins.
4. Vacuumed the family room.
5. Rotated the laundry (I actually had to rewash the load in the dryer - ughhhh!).
6. Swept the kitchen floor.
7. Created the menu for this week.
8. Helped the girls make jello!

I feel pretty good about that list!

We have a little friend with us today while her mom gets some things done. She loves hanging out with Emma and Zach! Emma is so good with her!

Here is a peek at our menu for the week. I have some plans to change our menu board up a little. Another one of those projects where I hope to use things that I already have and spend no extra $$$.

I'll show you how it turns out!

Your turn - what did you get done?

The J9

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