Wednesday, June 16, 2010

'Tween You & Me

So, Emma requested a room-makeover for her birthday.

Her birthday was in March - Oops!

It took me a little while to get things moving, but once I did, the inspiration just kept flowing. We are almost finished and wanted to share some "before & after" pics.

Not bragging or anything - but we are really proud of how it has turned out!

So here is the room as we prepped to begin painting the walls and woodwork:

She was done with the lavender and flowers! Just too much girly-girl!

And here are some with the woodwork painted, and as we began to cut-in the light turquoise color on three of the walls:

I was really nervous about the light turquoise color when we first picked it, but as we got it up on the walls I really fell in love with it!

It is a really fun and soothing color! And, it looks great with the new white woodwork.

Good riddance to the ugly old "honey/brown/orange"! You can see it in the hallway if you look closely.

Our inspiration came from her new bedding - a "bed-in-a-bag" set that we picked up at Target on super-duper sale. The colors in the bedding are a light turquoise, darker turquoise, lime green and brown circles. We knew we wanted to do some kind of circles on the wall, but weren't sure exactly what we wanted.

Leave it to my artsy-fartsy hubby! He created an inspiration wall in Photoshop that Emma loved. Now - how to get it on the wall.

Thanks to my artsy-fartsy mom, who has an art projector or two! We projected the printed Photoshop page up onto the wall and my mom traced the circles. Hard work!

Really glad for the "arty-fartsy" family in my life!

Then it was up to me to fill it all in. It was a tough project, but I LOVE how it turned out! It was well worth the hours spent (and the episode of vertigo that resulted)!

In progress . . .

More circles . . .

The final product! You can see the bedding that originally inspired us. Paper lanterns are from Pier One. The colors where perfect. Emma is holding out for a disco ball she spotted at Target to add to the lantern corner. Now we are just waiting for it to go on clearance or super-duper sale so we can snag it!

I still have some detail work to complete - need to paint the vent cover on the accent wall, paint out the closet, and hang a few shelves. But, otherwise, the room is close to complete!

We created a magnetic bulletin board by wrapping an old, metal shelf in a cute brown, seer-sucker fabric with white polka dots. We created magnets out of buttons and bottle caps. I'll try to get some close up shots soon so you can see how cute the magnets turned out!

After I get the rest of the detail-work done, I will take some real pics (not iphone pics) of the finished project.

I'm just glad that she loves it as much as I do!

Now, Zach is planning his big room makeover. Not sure when I will get to that one!

Thanks for taking a look!



Tiffanee said...

WOW!! That is amazing and beautiful!! I love the colors and the artwork of all your artsy-fartsy family. Can I borrow them?? My daughter would so fall in love with this room. Great job!! So impressive.

The J9 said...

Thanks Tiffanee! Still working on getting it all done! One of these days!

Jo said...

I really love the colour combination.. the limey green with the rich blue..
And the Pier paper shades were a lucky find.. the colours couldn't be more perfect.. and that usually NEVER happens does it ??
Nice job
Jo xx

The J9 said...

Thanks Jo! The paper shades were definitely a lucky find!